Mind your manners

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologise for my tardiness on blog posts lately.

Pearl Jam released their new album on the 15th of October. The American rock band have already made a big name for themselves; the release of their new album has reasserted their position as great rock artists.



So, Pearl Jams new album is called ‘Lightning bolt’, as if we need another one… Lighting bolts are pretty cool but after David Bowie, Lady Gaga, The Killers and now Pearl Jam have taken a liken to them, well it’s getting old. That was also my worry for Pearl Jam; after so long of not hearing anything from the ‘grapevine’, I forgot they were an awesome band and after hearing about their new album, I was a little worried for them.

Obviously Pearl Jam have made a massive name for themselves and when I say ‘I forgot’ I really mean: ‘I’ve discovered more music so I don’t have time’. Time had to be made though because their latest album is pretty good.

Pearl Jam’s obvious strength is in their musicianship, it’s fantastic and these guys work well together. Their grungy, mosh pit power chords are relied on heavily throughout the album; despite this strong and head bangingly good chords the listeners are allowed a power ballad. Yes it is about love and no it’s not soppy and cringy. In a way it’s touching because they’re not singing about how they’re going to get through it, it’s more about how helpless they are in the eyes of love. The ballad’s also a nice contrast to the rest of the album which is very folk-rock or jump about like crazy music.

This album deserves recognition. The band have evolved and matured. Of course I understand that fans are seeking the ‘old sound’ however, I think this viewpoint is shrouding their opinions of this album; some fans can’t seem to see that this sound works and hopefully will stay a while. Personally, I like the tightness of the music. It flows wonderfully and the music is fun yet brimming with those heart-felt lyrics. I can’t stop listening to it.