Rocking around the christmas tree

I can practically smell the gingerbread houses and chesnuts. Yes, christmas is upon us and we all know what that means: time to sort out the christmas music. Since I’ve never done a… Continue reading

I want to be your bestfriend

That is very much true for Palma Violets. I would do some pretty ridiculous stuff to ensure my friendship with ‘Chilli’ or any other of the very ‘cool’ band members. I am feeling… Continue reading

Make it real loud

The woman we love to hear about, specifically her crazy antics, has released her new album ‘Artpop’. The name really describes what Lady Gaga was trying to get at. Watching her single ‘Applause’… Continue reading

What doesn’t kill you

Our favourite nottingham-er has released his much awaited new album ‘Shangri la’. If you can’t recognise the lyrics ‘What doesn’t kill you’, you may not understand that this is of course Jake Bugg.… Continue reading

A little respect

Yes the band that has earnt all our ‘respect’ has recently released a new album. The band ‘Erasure’ released their new album that appears to have been released to share their festive spirits.… Continue reading

Bare the old and the young

This album and band definitely suits both the old and the young. After just being entered in the charts the album has shot up to number four, at least in the indie album… Continue reading

Mind your manners

Firstly, I would like to sincerely apologise for my tardiness on blog posts lately. Pearl Jam released their new album on the 15th of October. The American rock band have already made a… Continue reading

It was our season

You may know the song or the lyrics, if not I’ll fill you in, the geniuses behind that particular lyric are the band: Okkervil river. An American indie rock band that I have… Continue reading

Why’d you only call me when your high?

Seeing Alex Turner in the flesh is a moment I won’t forget any time soon. I can safely say that I’ve never felt post concert depression quite as much as what I am… Continue reading

In that Mississippi rain

On the 23rd October I went to probably the most insane concert of my life at Dingwalls. Yes, the weeks sure know how to get the crowd going especially with their fantastic choice… Continue reading